Congratulations on completing AWAKENER!

You have now finished the online course of AWAKENER, but in many ways it is just the beginning.  The hope is that you will take the information and inspiration from this experience into your life, at home and at work, to find your role in the effort to bring about a more thriving, just, and sustainable world.

As mentioned in the course’s final section, we want to encourage you to share, connect, and keep learning:


Share with others what you have learned and what impacted you from AWAKENER.  Share with others the stand and commitments you have made out of your experience. Share about AWAKENER with other organizations who may be interested in it.


Find people in your organization, company, neighborhood, or community group to connect and collaborate with to make a difference. Connect with us at and share your work and ideas with us.

Keep Learning

Seek out more opportunities to learn about the issues and ideas raised in AWAKENER, and to become even more informed and inspired. What topics or issues impacted you most deeply?  Visit our Resources for Going Deeper and Wider to access a wealth of further information.

Resources for Going Deeper and Wider

We want your feedback

Please share with us your thoughts, reflections, ideas, and suggestions for us to improve AWAKENER?  We are eager to hear your feedback and incorporate it into improving the course.

  • Please share your overall feedback and suggestions on the course.