Recording of BEI Conference Call

Here is the recording of the BEI/Awakener update conference call held on Thursday, January 26.

Call Agenda:

  1. Updates on Awakener and BEI work
  2. Quick walk-through of materials shared
  3. The Awakener “beta”
  4. Engaging companies for the beta
  5. Facilitators and Connectors
  6. BEI team moving forward

Email sent to BEI on January 21, 2017

Subject: AWAKENER/BEI Update | Online course and more…

Dear Members of the Pachamama Alliance Business Engagement Initiative (BEI),

We hope this reaches you all well.  As we begin this new year, we are excited to share with you some updates on our BEI efforts, and invite your continued support and partnership in this work.

Several weeks ago, we shared with you the landing page for the newly created AWAKENER, an online preview of the full AWAKENER “In-Person Workshop” materials, and invited you to help us reach out to “Pachamama-allied” companies to arrange their participation in the beta version of AWAKENER.

We are very excited to have now completed the online course platform for AWAKENER, along with an additional round of edits and improvements to the videos.

The new AWAKENER online course platform allows participants to navigate through the sections and materials of the course, while providing them their own online “Journal” to capture their thoughts and reflections.  The platform is specifically designed to allow a company to enroll a group or team of their employees to take it as a “company cohort.”  The company will be able to manage and track the enrollment of their group, and we can offer to customize some of the platform for them with things like their logo, special messages, and even their own discussion forum.

We are very excited about the potential this offers, and are eager to get some companies enrolled as part of our beta.  We are again enlisting your help in connecting us with great potential companies for that. Thus far we have had one company take the “In-Person Workshop” of the AWAKENER, and are in conversations to bring it to several others.  Based on some of the feedback so far, the preferred strategy is to have companies first take the AWAKENER’s In-Person Workshop with a key group, and then offer the online version to the wider company.  We intend that some of you may want to serve as “facilitators” (paid) for these workshops.

Here are some of the things we have to help you act as a “connectors” to potential beta participant companies:

  1. Unlocked access to the online course:
    • This is for review of BEI members only and is not to be shared.  If you have a decision-maker at a company who needs to view the online course or course materials before making the buy decision, email Zack Twist and he will create a custom preview link for them.
    • To give you unencumbered access, the above link does not require registration or include any restrictions on your ability skip sections and navigate the course.
  2. Our basic landing page:
    • This simple one-pager explains the AWAKENER and breaks down the offering.
    • Please share this with those companies you are inviting to consider being part of the beta.
  3. Beta pricing:
    • For this private beta, we agreed you all would be free to craft whatever pricing you think is best for your target companies, but this gives you some “ballpark” pricing to start from.
    • This pricing is lower than we anticipate when we “go to market” and has been adjusted and simplified based on some of the feedback received.
    • In-Person Workshop:
      1. Group of up to 25 people – $2,300
    • Online Company Course:
      1. 10 course enrollments – $500
      2. 20 course enrollments – $900
      3. 50 course enrollments – $2000
  4. Target beta participants
    • Ideal companies are those who are:
      1. Aligned and in some way committed to the vision represented by Pachamama Alliance’s work.
      2. Willing to experiment and give us feedback on a product still in development.
      3. Some companies may be a better fit once we have a fully commercial product.  If so, we still want to engage them now and get them in our pipeline.
  5. Example emails:
    • To help with your email outreach, we crafted some draft emails you can pull from, including one Carolyn Buck-Luce has used effectively.
    • View the email examples here.
  6. Process:
    • Once you have initiated a connection with a potential participant company, feel free to bring us into the conversation to help discuss the offering and to make the necessary arrangement for delivery.
    • Interested companies can also fill out the “Yes. I am interested…” form on the landing page and we will follow up directly with them.
    • As mentioned above, if the decision maker needs to see the course before deciding to buy for a group, Zack Twist should be contacted and he will provide them with a custom link.
  7. Feedback:
    • Participant feedback will be collected in-person and via follow-up email survey for the workshop, and within the platform for the online course.  We will continue to update and improve the course throughout the private beta phase.
    • It may be that the most important feedback we get is around our messaging and pitching of the course.  All of that is highly valuable and welcome.  Please share all of it with us.
  8. Conference call:
    • On Thursday, Jan 26 at 4:00pm PT, we will host a conference call and screenshare to review the above materials and answer any questions BEI team members may have regarding getting the AWAKENER beta into more companies.
    • Call: 888-601-4702 (no pin), optional screenshare:

Thank you so much for your efforts.  We look forward to bringing AWAKENER to the corporate world and engaging them in the pivotal role business has to play in creating a thriving, just, and sustainable world.

Let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions.  We are grateful for your partnership and support.

With warm regards,

The BEI PMO (Bill, Joan, Rick, and Zack)