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AWAKENER: Evolutionary Leadership for Teams

$98.80 / Seat

$1,235.00 $988.00

  • 20% discount for Conscious Capitalism members
  • Register in bundles of 10 online course participants
  • Includes customized dashboard to invite, manage, and track participants
  • Options for follow-up webinar with the AWAKENER Engagement Team


AWAKENER wakes you up to the challenges of our time, invites you to create a fresh vision for the future, and empowers everyone to find a role, personally and professionally, in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and fulfilling human presence on this planet. 

You’ll see and hear the latest facts and insights from global thought-leaders like environmentalists Paul Hawken and Joanna Macy; human rights activist Desmond Tutu; peace activist Thich Naht Hanh; scientist Lester Brown, social justice commentator Van Jones, and more. You’ll look squarely at the state of our world—where we are and how we got here—and explore what role you and your team can play in bringing forth a thriving and just future for all.

AWAKENER is optimally experienced when groups view the online portion independently, then gather for dialogue. Educational content is delivered via 8 videos (approximately 2 hours), 7 exercises plus group discussion and collaboration facilitated by your team leader. Conscious Capitalism members gain a 20% discount, thanks to the partnership of CCU and the Pachamama Alliance Business Engagement Initiative.

AWAKENER for Conscious Capitalism members includes:

  • Up to 10 course participants per registration
  • Customized dashboard to invite, manage, and track participants
  • Facilitator guide so you can manage group discussions
  • Option for follow-up webinar with the AWAKENER Engagement Team
  • Coaching and technical support from the AWAKENER Engagement Team

If you’re a professional who feels the importance, urgency or desire for your business to be part of the solution, you’ll find AWAKENER inspires and empowers you, your team, and your business to become catalysts in this vital shift.

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