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2017 was an exciting year for our Business Engagement Initiative.  Our focus on a soft launch of the new AWAKENER course and platform yielded some wonderful AWAKENERs delivered with organizations like Facebook, New Resource Bank, Auburn Seminary, and Genentech.  Genentech has already delivered two live AWAKENERs and is planning four more in the coming year.

Our work with these organizations has allowed us to gain essential feedback and insight on how to enhance the AWAKENER and its options.  We have made a wide range of improvements to the course content and course materials for both the in-person and online versions of the course, and developed key tools for coordinating and planning AWAKENERs with participant companies.  We have developed and tested a “self-facilitated” option for companies to do live AWAKENERs in-house.  One of the most significant improvements has come from our work with the Pachamama team to help in their substantial update of the ATD videos, which we have now fully incorporated into all of the AWAKENER content.

As we look ahead, we are excited about continuing and new engagements with companies like Genentech, Deloitte, Facebook, Conscious Company Media, Powur, Gamechangers 500, and others.  We are planning to reshoot the AWAKENER’s facilitation videos and are excitedly working to solidify the next steps of the BEI strategic plan, including a formal launch of the AWAKENER for wide distribution, the development of expanded BEI offerings, and scaled-up efforts to expand the effectiveness and reach of the BEI.